Cr-Free Sputtering & Plating Type PET FCCL

Product Characteristics:

  • Excellent dimensional stability
  • Excellent flexibility
  • Finer line etching capability
  • High Peel Strength after thermal and chemical treatment
  • Excellent chemical durability

Manufacturing Process

1) Sputtering
Pretreatment & tie coat layer is the chief process for improving the adhesion between PET film & Cu plating layer.

2) Plating
It’s the electroplating process which is important to control the Cu plating thickness.



As received Kgf/㎝ ≥ 0.60 IPC-TM650 2.4.9B
After Temp. cycling Kgf/㎝ ≥ 0.35 IPC-TM650 2.4.13B
Chemical resistance Kgf/㎝ ≥ 0.68 IPC-TM650 2.4.9
Tensile strength Kg/mm2 23.4 IPC-TM650 2.4.19
Elongation % 200 IPC-TM650 2.4.19
Tensile Modulus g 70 ASTM D882
Initial Tear strength g 85 IPC-TM650 2.4.16
Light Transmission % 90↑ ASTM 1003
Dimension Stability
M.D. % ± 0.50 IPC-TM650 2.4.9B
T.D. % ± 0.50 IPC-TM650 2.4.9B



Cu/PET/Cu film should be stored in the original packaging at temperatures of 4–29°C (40–85°F) and below 70% humidity. The product should not be frozen and should be kept dry, clean and well protected.

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